My Haunted House is the Millionth Monkey’s Movie

They Pitched… you voted… we have a winner… 

Nathan Erasmus’ pitch MY HAUNTED HOUSE, which received 283 votes (and has nearly 1,000 Facebook likes), is an animation telling the story of 12 year old Charlie, who lives with his family of dysfunctional ghosts, ghouls and monsters.  A family comedy with the tagline “And you thought your family was weird?” it also addresses real issues teenagers deal with growing up.  Nathan describes it as “Munsters meet Mike Leigh” – with a little bit of Scooby Doo.

Nathan was one of the first entrants to the competition, which launched on 6th December 2011 at 01Zero-One in Soho.  It is organised by D-MEDIA NETWORK, the organisation working with and for those involved in the digital entertainment industries in the UK, working with CLOSE-UP FILM, a leading online UK film publication.  The aim of the Millionth Monkey’s Movie is to identify and develop filmmaking talent and to challenge how they are produced by developing and working with the film’s audience from the outset, making for a truly collaborative film that the audience most wants to see.

23 films were entered and over 1,000 people registered to submit their votes for their favourite pitch.  As midnight drew close on 15th March, four films went head-to-head – Brendan O’Neill’s FINDERS. KEEPERS., a  more cerebral take on twenty-somethings caught up in drugs and gangland executions, collected 132 votes; CHEQUERS, from Joel Carr – a dark comedy that explores the terror of what happens when good nights go bad – received 170 votes; and runner-up Victoria Bajic took 217 votes for JUKEBOX, which asks ‘How far would you go for $3m and instant fame?’ and is described as ‘American idol meets blood, blackmail and secrets.’

D-Media CEO, Gina Fegan – producer of the films The Tournament and The Devils’s Playground – says: “We are delighted by the high-calibre of entries we received for The Millionth Monkey’s Movie and the level of support it attracted.  Working with filmmakers from the outset to work with and develop their audience and fanbase is a new concept and we are looking forward to working with Nathan and director, Alex Williams, their team and the fans of MY HAUNTED HOUSE.”

Alex Williams, the director of MY HAUNTED HOUSE, says: “After visiting some of the film markets we established there was strong interest in MY HAUNTED HOUSE, however we wanted to test what the public thought by giving them a sneak preview of the animatic in development.  The feedback from Million Monkey Movie was just as we’d hoped, lots of positive emails and votes from fans wanting more.  Thank you to everyone that voted, you’ll be pleased to know we are now working on a full quality CGI pilot.”

Nathan adds: “We’re very honored to win this competition. Big love and thanks to everyone that voted.  We’re really chuffed the public are as passionate as we are about MY HAUNTED HOUSE. If you’d like to keep up to speed with development then we’ll be uploading more progress at

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