A Happy New Year 2012 Sneak Preview from D-Media

A short note to thank-you for your support and wish you health, happiness and all success in 2012.

Looking forward to next year, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming activities in the D-Media community:

  • ‘Games 4 Film’ a working title for the £100K competition to fund a ‘game’ to promote film, which we are developing with Paul Durrant, University of Abertay and Matt Sansam, IC Tomorrow, and will be launched in Jan 2012.
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) for film, television and games producers, an event back by popular demand in Jan/Feb 2012, get the low down on how to use EIS for your productions from the professionals
  • D-Media Chrysalis Awards 2012, for emerging talent in digital media, (we are looking for volunteers for awards committee, email if interested), the call for submissions will start in Feb 2012 with the Awards in June 2012.

What am I excited about in 2012?…  it’s www.raspberrypi.org, which is ‘a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard’ for $35! Time to start programming for fun.

Before we move headfirst into 2012,  I wanted to have a quick look back at the last 12 months for the D-Media community.  Along with two policy submissions the Film Review and a response to the Communications Review for a Digital Age, there were the following:

The launch of D-Media Network at a conference in BAFTA, over 400 delegates and 1,000 introductions!

A reception at MIPTV on the Media Stand (worth booking in advance as places are limited).

Digital Hollywood, an exciting trade mission to LA .

Paris, Future en Seine, presenting UK companies in France.

EIS for producers, with experts Shipleys, and Lee and Thompson.

PICNIC, Amsterdam, linking with digital festivals across Europe.

MIPCOM, reception on Media Stand.

Seoul, Korea, presentation of companies leading innovation in digital content.
‘Storytelling in a Transmedia world’, event at the Hospital Club.

Launch of www.millionthmonkeysmovie.com at Zero-One – to co-create a film concept with its audience…  now is the time to try it!

Thank you to all of you who have helped and supported. I hope you have got as much enjoyment as the help you have given!

All best wishes


Gina Fegan, CEO, D-Media Network