Help Make ‘Firebrace’, A Multi-Platform Documentary from D-Media Member Jason DaPonte

Francis FirebraceFrancis Firebrace is an original indigenous aboriginal storyteller.  A prolific hugger, entertainer and humanitarian, Francis is on a mission to share the ancient wisdom of his people, told through the Dreamtime stories.  The Swarm, a cross-platform producton company set up by D-Media Member, Jason DaPonte, is currently in development creating a multi-platform documentary about Francis.  Francis won’t be around forever, but with your help, his stories can be. This is going to be a true multimedia/cross-platform project that will give people an opportunity to dive in and interact with the Dreamtime stories like never before.  It will build an archive of digital versions of Francis’ stories that will be preserved online.  It will tap into Francis’s ongoing outreach work with young people and give audiences the opportunity to learn about traditional wisdoms across different cultures, so Francis’ Dreamtime message is never lost.

How can you help to get this important project off the ground? A growing number of filmmakers are looking towards crowdfunding (and if you haven’t already read Gina Fegan’s excellent blog on the subject you can do so here). Jason is offering you the chance to help fund the film in return for perks. The documentary is running a campaign on the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, starting at $1 for a virtual hug from Francis to $250 for an autographed story book, right up to a $5000 package, which includes an original canvas painting or hand-decorated didgeridoo from Francis. Every $1 helps!

Check out Firebrace, the campaign (including video) on IndieGoGo here.
The project is being done with documentary director Kevin Lee Brown, producer Sandra Whipham (London Fields Pictures) and co-producer Kylee Ingham (Australian Documentaries).