CIC Skillset Skills Group Asks You The BIG QUESTIONS About Developing Talent & Skills for the Creative Industries

Developing talent and skills for the Creative Industries is vital for the future of these industries and the whole of the UK economy.  The Creative Industries Council has tasked our Group to look into this essential component for Growth.

While the focus of the Government in relation to this work is England, the issues for the industries are UK-wide. We wish to receive input and examples of good practice from all parts of the UK and will also share our thoughts and recommendations with all parts of the UK

Our Group during the course of its deliberation is inviting input on these Big Questions.  Click this link if you would like to download a PDF of the Big Questions or go to the website.

How and by when to respond

Consultation on these questions is open until 23 September 2011 and you can email your responses to

Your responses should not exceed 6 pages of A4 and please provide a contact name and email. You may also want to specify whether or not you are happy for your response to be made public.You do not have to answer all the questions; you can answer as many or as few as you would like.