Ground-Breaking 3D Technology Stands Out at Invention Awards

Digicave Winners of D-Media & Screen South’s Film & Digital Inventions Lab 2011

A company that captures images from real life and then delivers in virtual 3D has been named as the winner of the D-Media & Screen South’s Film & Digital Inventions Lab 2011, as announced at D-Media Awards Dinner at BAFTA last month.

Brighton-based Digicave beat off stiff competition from nine other strong, inspiring digital inventions and their creators, whose projects had also been selected by the Lab for development. This provided an opportunity to refine their projects in a lab environment under the tutelage of digital media professionals led by Frank Boyd of Unexpected Media, and exposure to some of the most creative and experienced minds in the industry.

The 10 companies were then invited to give a presentation at the D-Media Global Conference to a panel of industry experts, including Jeremy Silver, Technology Strategy Board; Linda James, Slyfox Films, and Jo Nolan, Screen South, the winner receiving an additional support of £3,000 to further their project.

Following a presentation from Callum Rex Reid, Digicave were chosen to receive this support to help the project at this critical stage in its development.

Digicave creates 3D photographic models of real-life ‘moments’ using an innovative mix of cutting-edge hardware and software. Their technical tools include proprietary image analysis software and state-of-the-art digital camera arrays. Digicave deliver Free Viewpoint Media (FVM), a new medium that allows the user to experience the real world with a freedom that has only previously been experienced in video games. Their system is designed to be used as a creative tool, to enable content creators to capture subjects in the moment and have them rendered into fully explorable experiences on the web, mobile or any other digital platform.

D-Media CEO, Gina Fegan, said: ‘The lab has been a fantastic opportunity for D-Media to work with an exciting group of digital innovators and Digicave have come up with something that will benefit us all. Our thanks also to Screen South for being such terrific partners.’

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