Help Shape The D-Media Agenda April 2011-2012

Current Subjects for discussion – panels, workshops, events….

Let us know what else you’d like to talk about – or how you would like to get involved in the conversation.

Film Piracy – practical steps to encourage consumers to pay for movies

Data – how to extract value or tell stories from data that you may be gathering

Meet the Money – Meet the Talent. Preparing projects for investment, preparing investors for projects

Innovation Club – working on understanding how to value innovation and more….


D-Media’s Areas of focus for 2011


Looking at how to create an effective Technology Innovation Centre for the digital media and creative industries, possibly using the Oglivy Lab as a commercially driven template

Starting the Innovation Club to establish how to value innovation and provide some focused networking

Developing a program to introduce innovation into procurement processes, and help train the procurers in how to evaluate innovative solution and take risks

Film Piracy – developing new solutions


Access to Finance

Developing the Finance Advisory Board for film and digital media

Exploring mechanisms to use public sector investment in film to leverage further private sector investment

Develop a program to help investors assess the risk of their investment

Develop a program to help the companies looking for finance strengthen their propositions


International trade

Testing barriers to international trade

Promoting relevant international opportunities