Gravy Media are Winners of Chrysalis Award 2011

D-Media Network is delighted to announce Gravy Media as the winner of this year’s inaugural Chrysalis Award 2011.

Following a successful campaign on Facebook in which nominations and votes were invited for the most exciting, innovative company to emerge in the digital space in the past 12 months, the five recipients of the most votes were shortlisted for the Chrysalis Award 2011.

The five nominees were:

Bounce Mobile
What the voters said: “Fireplayer Remixing app on the iPhone. awesome!”

Gravy Media
What the voters said: “unbelievably innovative and extremely clever creations.”

Outpost Sound
What the voters said: “A driving force in digital audio production for games, web, film and television. Working in Brighton, for all areas of digital production requiring high quality, dynamic and unique audio post and production.”

Poker Girls
What the voters said: “Enjoying this – an independent show that started with a one to two episode challenge with the cast acting as crew. Now, it is commencing it’s second season with the support of local crew professional.”

Seefood Media
What the voters said: “Seafood have already got one eye on the future.  They’re in it already.  They’re the ones who really know what everyone will be thinking about next year.  Stylish and conceptually ahead of the game by a long chalk.”

Each of the nominees were invited to give a short video presentation of their work which was screened to over 400 digital media industry delegates at the Awards dinner at D-Media Network Global Conference at BAFTA on 29 March 2011.  Ground breaking, innovative, creative – the presentations provide an exciting snapshot of emergent digital talent and work.

Following their presentation in which they introduced some of the characters and projects they are currently developing for music video, film, computer games, branding & advertising, the creative agency Gravy Media was named as the winner of the Chrysalis Award 2011, as voted on by the industry at the Awards dinner.

Congratulations to all five companies and look forward to seeing more of their work.