Chrysalis Awards 2011

The future of the creative industries lies in the hands of a number of talented companies that are yet to be recognized. To cast a light on emerging talent in the digital world, the D-Media Network will profile the emerging butterflies of the Digital Space, awarding them with the D-Media Chrysalis Award 2011.

The D-Media Network invited everyone in the business to nominate the company which has yet to hit the big time, and which has excited them the most with its talent, enterprise and sheer verve.

The five companies with the most votes will not only be contending for the Chrysalis Award 2011 at our Awards dinner on the 29th March 2011, but will also be our guests at one of the most anticipated events of the digital media world in the UK, the D-Media Conference.

To see the nominated companies and the interest they generated go to the D-Media Facebook Page and see the quick description of why they were chosen, with a link to their website.The vote for a nominated company, was a simple re-post of their name.  The max votes determined the shortlisted  5 finalists, which we will post shortly.

The final voting and announcement of the D-Media Chrysalis Award 2011 will take place at the Awards Dinner during the D-Media Conference on the 29th of March 2011 at BAFTA.

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